Samsung Preparing Docking Bluetooth Game Pad for Galaxy Range

By Gary Cutlack on at

While we didn't see anything particular thrilling or innovative in Samsung's safe Galaxy S4 launch last night, it did have an interesting piece of hardware to show off backstage -- an official Samsung wireless game controller. So Samsung can crush Ouya, Game Stick and the rest of them in an instant.

According to Samsung's S4 accessories teaser page, the Samsung game controller is currently know as the Game Pad, simply offering a nice little Bluetooth-enabled way of playing games on your Galaxy S4's massive 1080p display. The device runs on two AAA batteries, features dual analogue sticks and shoulder buttons for that "hardcore" gaming experience, plus the docking clamp's adaptable so it can fit most phones and tablets.

Imagine a Galaxy Game Pad launching for £20. It would smash everything. Who wouldn't make games for Samsung nowadays?

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