Samsung Probably Sticking With Reliable, Durable Old Plastic for Galaxy S4

By Gary Cutlack on at

Samsung's unlikely to be switching to space-metal and/or glass for this year's Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone, with the company's executive VP claiming bendy plastic's tougher, easier to make and what everyone really wants even if they don't know it.

Samsung's YH Lee says that, when it comes down to it, Samsung needs to consider the ease and speed of manufacture, the phone's durability and the fact that people actually like having removable battery covers. Gives them something to fiddle with in very boring meetings. Which means plastic is most likely the way forward for Samsung's new high-end model this year, despite its competition moving to making their phones from glass, metal and buttons hewn from Russian meteorite debris.

The supposedly eight-core super mobile should be revealed in full next week. Over in America. [Cnet]