Shooting Challenge #15 - The Winner Is...

By Martin Snelling on at

Recently, Gizmodo UK celebrated the dreamers, the unknowns and the unsung heroes that many of us have never heard of. For the last Shooting Challenge we tasked you with shooting the heart and soul of where you live in the style of relatively unknown (until recently) amateur street photographer Vivian Maier. We also gave you the added incentive of offering you a sweet little prize; a Canon PowerShot S110 camera.

And I must say that once again, you didn't disappoint; we had some quality submissions from many of you. The high calibre of images made picking a winner all that more difficult. But pick a winner I did; and it wasn't for a single image, but for a series of five shots by Edward Hung on his Sony NEX-6 in Hong Kong. The images leapt out at me; they really showed the dull and mundane of daily life in a colourful and exciting way. They left me wanting to see more.

Here's some wordage from Edward:

'The pictures were taken in Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong. It was one of the poorer neighborhoods and like all poorer neighborhoods it is vibrant and diverse, people everywhere, things happening every moment. There were street markets, wet markets and a few major shopping centers for computers stuffs.

I'm the candid type so I don't talk to the people I shoot; and I don't want to pretend that I can tell you the life stories of people just because I snapped a picture of them - so honestly there's really little 'story' I can provide. Besides the time and location I think I know just as little or much as anyone looking at the pictures.

All shot with a Sony NEX-6 with Sigma 30/2.8. Processed with Lightroom. Sometimes I use the tilt screen and shoot holding the camera at waist level to appear less suspicious.'

Honorable mentions must go to the following people:

Tim Drysdale - I loved the three people carrying the three chairs.

Spencer Hart - a great selection of images

Michael Godrei - Another great set of images - they showed that despite the weather, the show must go on.

Luke Margetts - I really like the capture of the shadows in many of the images.

Keith Boland - Man up a ladder is brilliant; left me wondering what he was up to.

Finally, a special mention also goes to Owen Rhodes for his picture of the legend that is the Norwich puppet guy. Thanks Owen!

Thanks again to everyone that took time to snap the world around them and send their images in. You can see all of the finalists' images over on Flickr.