Shop Charges $5 Entry Fee to Avert "Showrooming" Browser Scum

By Gary Cutlack on at

One Australian shop owner has had enough of people poking around her stuff before rudely running off home to order it cheaper on the internet, and is now charging people a $5 browsing fee to enter the shop.

The fee, which will be taken off the price should the shopper actually end up buying anything instead of just getting the details to take home and whack into Amazon, is charged due to a "high volume of people" who use the shop as a real-world try-before-you-buy outlet then head home to buy it elsewhere and have their postman carry it home.

The specialist food store in question caters to those after gluten free foods compatible with sufferers of Celiac disease. The owner says she's "had a gut full of working and not getting paid" thanks to the stream of non-buying showroomers using her and her products for a convenient local demo. [Brisbane Times via Techradar]