Sim City Temporarily Pulled From Amazon US Amid DRM-Fueled One-Star Review Rampage

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's an almighty fuss surrounding EA's newly launched Sim City update, with the PC game's always-on internet requirement leading to delays and queues when trying to connect to a server to play the thing -- and causing Amazon US to temporarily suspend sales as users vent their one-star fury.

The game was unavailable for purchase through Amazon US for a period last night, with a note on the Sim City listing saying it had been pulled to allow the retailer to investigate the extremely bad reaction it's received since launch. The city-building strategy game's now up for sale again featuring a disclaimer about server issues, although the 1,100 plus feedback reviews are overwhelmingly negative and leave EA's huge franchise sitting on a shameful user score of just 1/5.

And it looks like UK gamers are trying to cause EA similar levels of grief via Amazon rage over here as well. The game, which launched in the UK at midnight last night, also requires a permanent internet connection to play, with UK reviewers managing to get Amazon UK's listing down to 1.5 stars out of 5 already. [BBC]