Sony's Xperia Z Added to Long List of Phones With Easily Bypassed Lockscreens

By Gary Cutlack on at

Working out clever ways to bypass phone lockscreens is the new hot thing for nerds to do with their time these days, with the iPhone 5 and several Samsung models recently falling victim to clever little glitches that can access supposedly secure phones. Now Sony's new smartphone flagship has been cracked, too.

The extremely simple Xperia Z unlocking method involves accessing the phone's service menu through the lock screen's emergency dialler, performing an NFC test, then watching with amazement as the phone forgets it's supposed to be PIN-locked and dumps the user back to a fully accessible Home screen. Nothing more demanding than knowing the key sequence to access Android's service menu is required.

The only secure way to send someone a message these days is to write it down on a piece of paper, hand it to them personally, then take it back and burn it while ensuring no CCTV cameras were analysing your words. [GSM Arena]