Star Trek Fans Called to Action by London Quadcopter Display

By Gary Cutlack on at

A bizarre stunt managed to combine publicity for this year's forthcoming Star Trek film with the weekend's Earth Hour awareness campaign, leading to the odd sight of a massive Star Trek badge hovering over London's City Hall for the best part of the night.

The miniature four-rotored helicopters, which the builders refer to as spaxels, have been developed to fly in formation, with the 3D flight control software letting the team precisely place their 'copters in the sky as if they were separate pixels in a larger image. The end result being this 300-foot Starfleet emblem in the night sky.

In terms of incorporating Earth Hour into the display? That was done by turning it all off at 8.30pm, then turning it back on an hour later. Not doing it at all would've been more considerate to the environment. [Futurelab via Cnet]