Tegra 4 Successors "Logan" and "Parker" Revealed by Nvidia Boss

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nvidia has announced new updates to the Tegra line of mobile processors that power a huge chunk of today's mobiles and tablets, with a roadmap that covers developments up to 2015 shown off by the hardware maker.

The Logan range will come first, designed to step into the breach once the Tegra 4 series hits consumer hardware this year. Logan-powered devices ought to see a limited launch at the end of 2013, with mass market production scheduled to arrive in time for 2014's new phone and tablet launches. The key enhancement as far as Nvidia's concerned is the inclusion of GPU tech based on its Kepler architecture more commonly found in desktop graphics cards and high-spec scientific computer hardware.

After Logan comes Parker, which will be the maker's first 64-bit mobile chipset. It'll be built around ARM's 64-bit ARMv8 spec, along with Nvidia's unified CPU and GPU memory concept. That should start to arrive at the end of 2014. [Nvidia via Techradar]