The 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro Kicks All Windows 8 Laptops in Battery Life Test

By Sam Gibbs on at

If your laptop can't last long enough to get your stuff done, what's the point of having a portable? The product testing gurus over at Which decided to see how the current generation Windows 8 laptops and ultrabooks stacked up. Their conclusion? The 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro is the best, even running Windows 8.

Which stacked up 18 of the things and compared them to the 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro and a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook for good measure. Unsurprisingly the sub-£300 Chromebook came up quite short at 224 minutes, but it still beat out at least one fully-fledged Windows 8 machine.

The MacBook Pro managed 388 minutes in testing, or some 6 hours 28 minutes, with Windows 8 installed, beating out the next best the Acer Aspire M5, which came in just 30 minutes shy of the 13-inch retina MacBook Pro. Of course the Acer is some £500 cheaper than Apple's machine, so maybe 30 minutes battery life less is somewhat acceptable; you could certainly buy a second battery or even a battery backup device for that chunk of change.

Anyway, if you're in the market for a Windows 8 laptop, check out Which's testing methodology and conclusions before you make a choice. [Which via MacRumors]