The Aurora Borealis Continues To Be Totally Awe-Inspiring, Video After Video

By Lily Newman on at

Sometimes you just want to rest your eyeballs. So you look out your window and are reminded that you live in a city or a depressing suburb or something. So then you watch nature videos.

Solar storms are just so amazing that it's hard to imagine that they're real, even if you've seen one for yourself. This video shows a solar flare that occurred earlier this month by sunspot AR1692. The solar wind that hit earth on March 17th resulted in this Aurora Borealis, shot over four hours by photographer Göran Strand (that's him below). The video is made up of 2464 raw images for a total of 40GB. If all you see out your window is concrete or a golf course, this is one way to remember what earth is all about. [Geekosystem]

The Aurora Borealis Continues To Be Totally Awe Inspiring Video After Video