The British are the Bad Guys in Falkland Islands Counter-Strike

By Gary Cutlack on at

An Argentinian map pack for ever-popular online shooter Counter-Strike lets locals fight to liberate the islands from British rule, letting the Argies play as the police as dumping the Brits in the role of terrorists.

The map pack, which was developed by local company Dattatec, offers gamers an abridged version of the island, taking in key sites from the conflict and also letting players crouch down and shoot their way around memorials and cemeteries, using white crosses for cover. It is not in the best of taste.

The developer told the BBC the map pack is meant as a "tribute" to the country's soldiers, saying: "We wanted to honour our fallen heroes. We went to the Malvinas last year and deposited a bottle in the cemetery, full of messages people left for the soldiers."

There are no British flags in the game, though, so you could always imagine it's the Germans or the French having a pop at the islands in some alternate world timeline. [BBC]