The Power of the Exynos Quad Core Chip Uncovered

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If you've invested in the Samsung GALAXY Note II then you know you've got one of the most powerful smartphones around – but just how powerful are we talking?

With so many handsets on the market at the moment, it's easy to get lost in talk of CPUs, RAM and a plethora of other names and oft-confusing acronyms that don't really give you the full story.

However, thanks to the Exynos chip powering the GALAXY Note II, you can be assured that you're getting the most effective power with the least strain on that battery – and longer-lasting smartphones are what we all want, right?


Samsung designs its own chips

The first reason for this is, unlike most other manufacturers, Samsung designs and creates its own chips for use in its top of the range smartphones – which obviously includes the GALAXY Note II.

By being vertically integrated, Samsung is able to deliver maximum power efficiency to your device while maintaining the ultra-sleek design and low power drain you'll become used to as you use your Note II.

But it's while working with the GALAXY Note II that you'll really appreciate what quad core means – four separate central processing units (CPUs) working in tandem to deliver power when you need it the most.


Goodbye, single-core slowphones!

If you've used an older, single core smartphone you'll know what we're talking about: websites take that much longer to load despite you having a super fast connection. Video captured looks grainy and out of focus, and gaming on the go feels like you're using a handheld console from yesteryear.

However, the Note II's Exynos system on chip (SoC) means that it's got four times as many cores to call on – so if extra grunt is needed to stream video online or be able to boot up the camera in no time at all and capture smooth 1080p Full HD video, the Samsung GALAXY Note II can do all that and more.

It doesn't stop there though – while there are other quad core smartphones out there, none have the multi-tasking prowess on offer from the GALAXY Note II. It's expansive screen lends itself perfectly to being able to have more information available to you than ever before, which means you can run two apps in tandem – once again, the Exynos chip at the core of the device is the reason this can happen so seamlessly.


Watch videos while browsing the web

Imagine trying to watch a video then keep it playing while you browse the web on an older smartphone – chances are you may see smoke pouring out of the headphone socket, as it's low-power chip tries to keep up!

But the Note II can cleverly manage its four CPUs to delegate power where it's needed – so it can sense the slightest pressure from the S Pen on one side of the screen while you take notes from the internet on the other. Or perhaps you want to watch a full HD video from YouTube while downloading that spreadsheet from your boss? Again, you've got the power that means you can not only do these tasks, but can do so seamlessly with no waiting.

You'll see that your Note II will never let you down when swiping through home pages, browsing the menus or opening and closing apps, and that's because your Note II is imbued with a market-leading 2GB of RAM – without which the Exynos chip wouldn't be able to deliver such stunning performance.


Explained: Random Access Memory

If you're not familiar with RAM, it stands for Random Access Memory, and is tasked with helping process the commands sent out by the Exynos CPU. And as you can imagine, more RAM means a faster phone, which is why your Note II delivers such cutting edge speeds.

The other great feature of the Exynos core for your GALAXY Note II is the advanced power management. You might be thinking that with all this great power comes great power drain, but you couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, by allocating each of these cores separate tasks when using apps (or calling on them all at once for higher-power functions) the strain on the battery is eased immensely – so when your phone is sitting there on standby it's not using up tons of that precious juice, and means you can keep going for longer with all the advanced features and functionality on offer.

Your Samsung GALAXY Note II is one of the more powerful devices on the market, thanks to advanced power management, a chip designed for the Samsung's top of the range devices and four cores delivering you the grunt when you need it most.

So be it web browsing, speedy photography, video streaming, playing games or multitasking on the go, you can be sure your Note II is the ultimate handset to give you the power you need.


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