There Has Never Been a More Random Way to Cook Eggs, or Maybe Anything

By Lily Newman on at

There are a lot of weird ways to cook eggs. There are also a lot of normal ways to cook eggs that people try to avoid for some reason. If you like surreal, somewhat phallic egg cooking techniques, though, you need a Rollie.

This baby is pan free, cleanup free, and has "vertical cooking technology" up the wazoo. Awesome!
There Has Never Been A More Random Way To Cook Eggs, Or Maybe Anything

On the one hand, why not make banana-shaped eggs for a breakfast on the go. On the other hand. Why? Why is this happening? Why does that omelet look like a lollipop? Why is that egg white frittata extruding itself slowly from that space machine? These are the questions that define our time. [Consumerist]