There's Not Actually a Heck of a Lot Inside a Pebble Smartwatch (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

The teardown kings over at iFixit have torn asunder the treasured Pebble Smartwatch and found, well, not a lot actually. Just a single board, battery, and screen, and no Bluetooth 4.0 either maybe? Oh, and don't even think of trying to repair this thing. It's just not going to happen, apparently.

iFixit said there's no way you'll open the thing without cracking the screen, so it's a disposable piece of kit, sadly. It's beating heart is a blazing 120MHz Cortex M3, so don't even think of running anything app-like on here. The most surpring thing about the guts of the Pebble is no support for Bluetooth 4.0, the new ultra-low power spec that things like the Fitbit One use to hook up to your smartphone. Considering Pebble lists BLE, part of Bluetooth 4.0, within its specs as part of a software upgrade, that's a bit of a blow. How much that'll affect battery life of both the watch and your phone, who knows.

Anyway, hop on over to iFixit to see the guts of the watch everyone seems to want, but can't get their mitts on yet. Maybe that'll sate you until yours turns up, I know at least Chris Mills is champing at the bit to get his hands on the one he ordered. [iFixit]

Update: According to an update sent to iFixit from Pebble, the smartwatch probably has BT 4.0:

"Pebble assures us that the update will be forthcoming, and explained that TI uses the same silicon for both the CC2560 and CC2564 parts — so despite the label on the chip, the update will make this a CC2564 with BLE support."