This Latest Star Trek Trailer Shows We're In For a Truly Awesome Galactic Grudge Match (Update: Hidden Poster)

By Sam Gibbs on at

We've seen plenty of rampaging explosions, London getting torn asunder, and Kirk and Cumberbatch locked in battle. But what we haven't seen is the pure hatred between the two. Yes, this is the best trailer yet, and, yes, Star Trek Into Darkness is going to be truly epic.

The problem with modern action movies is you simply don't get invested in the characters. They're all boom and shooting, no depth. I was a little afraid, after having watch the previous Star Trek trailers, that Into Darkness was going to suffer that same fate, ditching what I love about the Star Trek franchise, the character depth. Thankfully, I now rest assured that Into Darkness won't disappoint. Roll on May 10th; I simply cannot wait for this. [YouTube via io9]

Update: JJ Abrams sneakily hid a new poster in that video, but I'm damned if I could spot the URL. Thankfully the eagle-eyed did, and here's what it looks like:

Star Trek Into Darkness Hidden PosterClick for full size