This Petition Banning Gratuitous (and False) Over-Use of 'Unlimited' by Companies is Actually Worth Signing

By Chris Mills on at

The beauty of living in a democracy is that, in theory, we can make those head-bashingly stupid ads for "unlimited data* *fair usage policy of one GIF per day" illegal. All you have to do is sign one little petition over on Go on, you know you want to.

Specifically, the request (founded by one of our very own readers, no less) is seeking to:

Forbid the inaccurate and frankly fraudulent use of the term 'unlimited' by mobile phone network providers and internet service providers.

Given the number of times I've seen a "fair usage policy" of 1GB whacked on so-called unlimited plans by network providers, I'm totally behind this idea. Sure, it's only got a handful of signatures at the moment, but if every disgruntled contract-holder out there jumps on, we'll probably break the internet. []