This Swiss Apartment Complex Doubles as a Secret Snow Fortress

By Leslie Horn on at

You might be a little confused because this looks strikingly similar to the snow fortress in Inception. But no need to watch out for skiing dream assassins—it's an apartment complex in Lausanne, Switzerland. (As far as we know).

The sharp corners at either end are not design features meant to intimidate intruders. In fact they're a response to the constraints of the size of the property. And the façades move in harmony with the curved road and river on either side. Currently in progress, the building was designed by PRS Architects, and it has a total of six individual units. Each has its own unique floor plan, but they all have access to a private garden, a balcony, and a terrace. Probably for taking aim at dream hijackers. [DesignBoom]

Image credit: Tonatiuh Ambrosetti