Top 10 Practical Joke Apps for the GALAXY Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

With April 1 fast approaching, it’s a good time to unlock the practical joke potential of the Samsung GALAXY Note II.

You may not have realised it, but there is an abundance of joke apps on Google Play that allow you to have a little bit of fun with your handset.

Whether it is having a laugh at the expense of others or giving yourself a cheeky little giggle, the potential for copious amounts of hilarity is only a few S Pen strokes away.

So, in no particular order, below are 10 of our favourite joke apps, the ones that you would be a fool to be without…


Audio Blaster Prank


There is something about annoying noises that seems to upset even the most mild-mannered of people. Audio Blaster Prank plays on this with wonderful consequences.

The idea of the app is rather simple: essentially it emits a strange, high pitch sound that will have dogs from miles around barking. It’s not something you want to listen to often, I fact it will annoy everyone (and thing) in a room but that’s all part of the fun of the app.

A simple start and stop button is all the Audio Blaster Prank offers, but this means that it is even easier to start the sound without everyone around you thinking it is you. Annoying yes, but when it comes to a bit of fun, its pitch perfect.


Whoopee Cushion Pro


It’s good to see that the classic practical joke, the whoopee cushion, has survived throughout the years and is now very much part of the digital world. This app allows you to prime a whoopee cushion sound on your phone and gives you a number of options to make sure you don’t get caught out.

There’s a timer, so you can leave the room while the ‘cushion’ sounds. A motion detector will make sure the app goes off when someone moves and you can even have it to sound detect – so, it will go off when someone speaks. A brilliant app, which is sure to cause something of a stink with your friends and family.


Crack Your Screen


There is nothing worse than cracking the screen of your phone. Thankfully, with Gorilla Glass 2 on board, the chances of this happening with the GALAXY Note II are slim-to-none, but you can still make people believe that you have been a clumsy so and so, with the Crack Your Screen app.

Simply load the app up and you can choose a number of 'cracked' styles, all of which will make anyone around you think that your phone is in a bit of a state. The look on people’s faces who genuinely believe you could do something so horrid to your lovely Note II will be worth it, trust us. All in all, it’s cracking stuff.


Fake Call and SMS


Sometimes you need a phone call to get you out of a sticky situation. Just staring at your handset isn’t going to make it ring but Fake Call and SMS can, and it can also make it look like you have famous friends to the people around you.

The app allows you to play a neat little trick on both friends and family. It can send you fake phone calls and text messages to make it look like you are a lot more popular than you actually are in reality.

You can also assign famous names to these calls to make it look like you are being phoned by the President of the United States or maybe someone a little more realistic, like the 10th runner up of X Factor. However you use it, it’s an app primed for some fun times.


Pranks Timebomb


The best practical joke apps all seem to be centred round timing. Pranks Timebomb is one that executes the art of timing perfectly. The app is simple to use, simply set a timer, choose the sound you want the app to make and put your phone near your soon-to-be victim.

There are a number of sounds to choose from – shell, explosion of a building, air bomb and explosive – but the end result is always the same: a load sound that will quickly shift even the most docile out of their chair.

Ghost Cam: Spirit Photography


Sometimes practical jokes aren’t enough to get your friends jumping around – occasionally outright scares are needed to get some sort of response. And, you’ll be pleased to hear, that things don’t get much scarier that Ghost Cam: Spirit Photography.

Of course, ghosts aren’t real but this app will make it look like they are. Simply load up a picture, from the GALAXY Note II's fantastic image gallery, and you can add a spooky apparition into the image. From floating hands, to full-on spectres the app isn’t short of a scare or two, which makes for a great spooky practical joke.


Animal Translator


While we think we know our pets, there’s a fair chance that what we perceive as them being loving and obeying their masters, may well be a ploy to take over the world at some point.

Well, now you can find out with the fantastic Animal Translator… okay, you may be starting to form a pattern with these apps – most of them pretend to do something but don’t actually do it. And that’s the fun of animal translator. Load it up and capture the voice of your cat or dog and a translation will appear. Your friends will forever know you as the dog whisperer, while you will know the joke’s on them.


Prank and Record


Not one for the faint-hearted, Prank And Record is quite a devious app. Give your Note II to a friend with this app loaded on it and they will think that they are playing a simple spot the difference game.

But what they are really about to have is a very good scare. Because, a way into the game they will get a shock when a scary face appears. And the best thing about the app is that it will record the reactions of those who use it. Great (if a little scary) fun.


Advanced Lie Detector


Now, as fantastic as the Samsung GALAXY Note II is, one thing it cannot do, like all other phones on the market, is tell the truth from lies. And while Advanced Lie Detector is all-good fun, it can’t tell fact from fallacy but this doesn’t mean that you can’t have great fun pretending to do it.

And the great thing about the app is that it doesn’t let on that it is fake, it merely plays with the pretence that it will find out who took the last biscuit from the cookie jar by recording people’s voices and offering up results as to whether they are lying or telling the truth. Yes, it's a lie detector app that lies but that's a big part of the fun.




One of the most famous apps around is still one of the best. There’s no better way to joke around with your friends than by adding a few virtual pounds to their face and show them just what they would look like if they actually decided to eat all the pies.

Free for Android, and an app that makes good use of the Note II’s 5.5-inch screen, Fatbooth allows you to take a picture of anyone and, well, resize them. A quick snap then adjustment to where the eyes, chin and mouth, and within seconds you have a great plus-sized portrait. Big fun all round, then.