UK Staying Nuclear as New £14bn Hinkley Point C Power Plant Approved

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UK's future electricity needs will not be handled by solar panels and turbines alone. We've got a new nuclear power station on the way, thanks to the government approving plans to build a third generator at the Hinkley Point station.

The nuclear unit, which will take 10 years to build, will eventually provide a 3,260MW output, or a huge seven per cent of the UK's entire energy needs, all by itself. That's nearly double the capacity of the existing Sizewell B reactor, our most recent nuclear generator which went online back in 1995, and roughly fifty trillion times what your dad gets off that solar panel he put on his shed.

Hinkley Point C will run for at least 60 years and should provide around 900 new jobs once it's up and ready. [ via Wired]