Um, A Vial of a Deadly Virus Went Missing from a Lab

By Casey Chan on at

This is completely reassuring; we don't have to worry at all. A vial containing a virus that causes hemorrhagic fever has gone missing from a research facility in Texas. Okay, maybe we should worry. Just a little. A smidge.

The virus can only be transmitted through contact with rats from Venezuela. It -- let's cross our fingers now -- "is not believed" to be able to be transmitted through non-Venezuelan rats or people. So worst case scenario is that we'd lose South America first, I guess.

It doesn't look like any foul play was involved, with the University of Texas Medical Branch reporting that there wasn't a breach in the security of its facilities. What officials suspect, however, is that the vial may have been destroyed during a cleaning process. So if you live in Texas and see a random vial lying on the street, don't touch it. For the rest of us. [CBS News, Image Credit: Neokryuger/Shutterstock]