VIDEO: Idea Sketch Walkthrough and Benefits

By Your Mobile Life on at

If you are the lucky owner of a brand new Samsung GALAXY Note II then you need to check out our Idea Sketch Walkthrough and Benefits video below, which gives you an overview of one of the most unique and innovative features on Samsung’s smartphone.

One of the truly unique things about the Samsung GALAXY Note II is the S Pen, making it an obvious choice for creative types and business people alike, whilst also keeping the kids happy.

A feature that really makes the most of the S Pen is Idea Sketch, allowing you to visualise and organise your everyday ideas with professional quality. Simply write the name of the object you want to draw and a picture will automatically appear in your sketch – making diagrams and brainstorms a breeze!

Idea Sketch helps you save time making detailed drawings and is a great tool for those of us who can’t draw (or hate drawing) but want to think visually.

So, for example, if you are putting together a presentation for work and want to include a picture of a house – rather than spending time neatly tracing the roof, windows and doors, you can simply write the word ‘house’ with your S Pen and – hey presto! – a perfectly drawn picture of a house appears automatically in your S Note.

Idea Sketch on the Note II is also a brilliant learning tool for kids. Using the new and improved S Pen just like a pen or pencil, you can help them learn the names of animals and objects.

So whether you’re a creative that needs to capture your ideas on the go, or want to include detailed pictures in work presentations without drawing them yourself, Idea Sketch with S Note is a fantastic feature that will save you loads of time and effort.