Virgin Mobile Admits to New 2Mb Mobile Data Speed Cap

By Gary Cutlack on at

Virgin Mobile has started restricting mobile data connections to around 2Mb, reducing the maximum download speeds on offer to 3G phone users to help give everyone a workable level of service.

Virgin confirmed the throttling plan in a post on its customer support forum, with an operative saying:

"I've received confirmation that we're trialing a speed cap which has been in place since mid-Feb and is applicable to Contract and PAYG customers, but excludes Mobile Broadband.

"The current cap is 2Mb/s download, 0.5Mb/s upload. We are doing this to ensure we can offer a good level of service to all customers."

Virgin users are rather angry, claiming to have signed up to plans offered under the network's advertising which stated it would offer "unlimited data" and a "truly unlimited" mobile access plan to all users. That's probably still the case, as the company's recent Big Data bundles never actually made any promises about speed... [The Register]

Image credit: Speed limit from Shutterstock