Want Your Own British Botnet? That'll Be Just £53 Please

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you're in need a zombie-PC army, for whatever nefarious or good-intentioned task you've got in mind, it might not cost you as much as you'd think. How does £17 per 1,000 machines sound? Hell, with just £133 in your pocket you can set up your own 10,000-machine cluster.

Those prices are for mixed-world locations, meaning you don't really care where they are and are just up for a bargain. If, for instance, you wanted a British cluster of zombie machines, they go for up to £400 for 10,000 of the things.

It's amazing how easy and cheap it is to buy your own personal botnet army, and you can even use WebMoney, Liberty Reserve, or bitcoins to purchase them. In fact, I'm almost surprised PayPal isn't listed, but maybe it's just something to do with the commission it charges. I know it's illegal and all, but you could almost see these things used for good. Buy up 10,000 of the things and you've got a cluster to crunch numbers on. You could set up an absolutely killer Folding at home team for instance.

Anyway, the figures have been put together by web security firm Webroot, so we can't vouch for accuracy, but apparently you can check it out for yourself as the underground marketplace is open to all. I would just suggest you do it through a Tor or something, and definitely not from work -- something tells me your IT manager would have a fit if he saw those logs. [Webroot via The Register]

Image credit: Botnet from Shutterstock