Watch the Evolution of the Incredible Ferrari Hypercar

By Sam Gibbs on at

With the launch of the awesome-yet-horrendously-named LaFerrari, the Italian lust-machine maker is pulling out all the stops to make sure you know where its latest beast has come from. If it were human, the LaFerrari would have incredible genes. I mean, just look at its parentage, from the 288 GTO through the F40, F50 and Enzo. All incredible cars.

I once sat in a Testerossa when I was a kid, which sparked my love affair with Ferraris. I've even got a large, well-played-with model of an F40 somewhere. Not that I'll ever be able to afford one of course, but it's OK just to lust from a distance. Fernando Alonso really is a lucky bastard; imagine what he gets given for a company car. [YouTube via Jalopnik]