Watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 Event Right Here

By Chris Mills on at

Want to watch the Samsung Galaxy S4 event live, but can't pony up for a plane ticket? Well, you're in luck, because we've got a live stream of the event right here. Set the corn to pop, kick back, and don't forget to join in our drinking game if it all gets too much for your smartphone-addled brain. 11PM (which is when it all kicks off, dummy) can't get here soon enough.

The official Samsung YouTube live stream of the event is in above; if it starts going tits-up as only livestreams of events are capable of doing, we'll try and scrounge some alternatives for ya. While you're waiting, you might as well check out our round-up of what to expect, because, well, it'll probably have everything the real launch will have, minus the whole big Samsung self-congratulatory circlejerk.

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