Welcome to The Dreamers

By Kat Hannaford on at

It's a common fact that the CEOs usually get all the headlines and limelight. Look at all your favourite companies, and I bet in most cases you can only name the big guys at the top, rather than those toiling behind the scenes, making the products and services we use and love. This week, in association with Dell, we're celebrating those unsung heroes with their very own week...welcome to The Dreamers.

This week, you can expect to see interviews and profiles on many people you won't have heard of before, from inventors whose perfectly-innocent creations were repurposed for evil uses; a look at how a camera designer came up with the Canon PowerShot N; interviews with the engineer behind the land-speed record car Bloodhound, and the guy who ensures Ticketmaster doesn't crumble under the weight of hundreds of thousands of ticket-hungry music-fans. Plus plenty more, in addition to our usual news and stories.

Keep this tab open, as we'll add everything from The Dreamers here, for access as easy as an unmanned pick 'n mix cabinet's.

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This week, we're celebrating unsung heroes and the people who dared to dream big, with The Dreamers. Bookmark this page for all related stories, or contact us here with tips.