What Battery Test Would You Like to Torture a Bunch of Smartphones With?

By Chris Mills on at

Battery life is arguably the most finicky  heavily-argued part of the 'phone reviewing process. Different reviewers try everything to try and get an objective battery life, from custom-built apps, to the elusive 'normal-use', or just looping Nyan Cat until your brain explodes. Question is, what test would you like to see the full gamut of high-end smartphones tortured with?

I'll let you in on a little secret -- we're planning on running a series of battery tests on a bunch of handsets in the near future, in a (probably futile) attempt to get a real, scientific look at which phone has the best battery life.

Of course, 'best' battery life is an elusive crown. How long a phone lasts isn't just a matter of how big a battery it has, or how big and bright the screen is. Though those are certainly factors, there's a bunch of other stuff like the specific software, and how a user uses the phone which really determines whether a handset makes it through a day or not.

So the question is: what test (and be realistic, please -- we can't play Angry Birds on ten different phones until they die, because, just no.), would you like to see conducted? Let us know below!