What's the Best Google Reader Alternative Out There?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google's just destroyed my dreams workflow by announcing that it's killing Google Reader. At its core Google Reader is simply an RSS aggregation and syncing service, so there must be some suitable replacements surely? What's the best one you've ever come across?

Feedly has come out and said anyone who uses its service won't be affected by the Google Reader shutdown as it'll have a seamless switch over in place by the time Google pulls the plug. So if you're using Feedly, you've got no worries.

Other popular cloud-based alternatives include things like NetVibes and NewsBlur, both of which do what Google Reader does on the web, but arguably better. Then there's the app-based systems -- a myriad of desktop RSS clients that pull the feeds directly without a Reader-like sync service, and apps like Flipboard, Material, and others, which pull feeds from all sorts of place, including social media.

My problem is that I use the Reeder apps on iOS and Mac, which are RSS clients wholly plugged into Google Reader for all the feeds. My hope is that something else that basically delivers feeds and syncs read versus unread will pop up that I can plug into Reeder and continue on as normal. Otherwise there are going to be a whole raft of apps that are essentially dead in the water without Google Reader to sync with.

Paid or otherwise, myself and a load of other people now have to find a decent, power-user alternative to the Google service I used the most, and that just plain sucks. But I'm hoping the learned Giz UK crowd can help us out. So, tell us, what's your favourite Google Reader alternative, and why?

Image credit: Red X from Shutterstock