What's the Best Hidden Easter Egg You've Found In Something?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Yesterday we were treated to an eye-popping new Star Trek Into Darkness trailer, but hidden within it was a link to a brand new poster. You had to be eagle-eyed to spot the thing, and have a super-sharp monitor to boot, but it was hidden in plain sight alright. That got me thinking. I really love it when developers, producers, and artists take the time to hide things for people to find in their works. But what's the best one you've ever found?

Google makes a habit of it, with its last I/O one providing me you hours of clicking fun. In fact, I'd say Google's right up there for the best hidden easter eggs of all time, but sure the Konami code has to win, right?

Anyway, for anyone who missed the hidden poster yesterday, here it is:

Star Trek Into Darkness Hidden Poster

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