Why Dell's XPS 12 Is the Perfect Go-To Device

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Though computers get increasingly powerful with every passing day, no-one ever seems to do anything about the faff -- staying always-on is a bit of an effort. With the Dell XPS 12, though, you're not only getting a machine that works in almost every situation -- you're getting a machine that doesn't get in the way of your dreams.

Dell's XPS 12 uses a cunning swivelling-hinge mechanism to transform between tablet and laptop mode -- a quick pivot is all that's needed to switch between the two. Rather than getting in the way when you want to get on with your work, all it takes is a fluid flip-and-fold movement, and you can get on with whatever's captured your imagination without having to wrestle with different devices or overly-complicated hinges.

The XPS 12 also comes packing Windows 8 Pro, which gives you all the handiness of a touch-based operating system without sacrificing the full-fat PC functionality that we've all come to know and love. Though other tablets might be fine for lesser tasks, real work and real innovation needs the tools that only a proper operating system provides -- Windows 8 gives all that, without compromising on the ease of use when you're using the XPS 12's touch screen.

In laptop mode, the XPS 12 looks and feels just like a high-powered Ultrabook, with a gutsy Intel processor under the hood to help you multitask to the max -- there's nothing more annoying than a computer that can't keep pace with your ideas.

In tablet mode, that big, beautiful 12.5" multitouch screen and low weight -- it's made of carbon fibre and aluminium, y'know -- combine to make getting your ideas down on the move a cinch. The screen's a 1080p IPS panel, producing a stonking 400 nits of brightness to light your retinas up; with a 160 degree viewing angle, you'll also have no problem sharing stuff with others.

That lightweight construction is also durable -- not only is the screen clad in scratch-defeating Gorilla Glass, but the edges of the XPS 12 are hewn from aluminium, giving a design that protects your machine and its precious contents from damage. After all, what's the point of having a gorgeous go-everywhere device if you have to worry about using the damn thing?

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