WideAngle: Finally, All Your Photos in One Place

By Mario Aguilar on at

You take more photos than ever these days. So do all of your friends. But where are all of those photos? You never look at them because they're scattered across the Internet abyss. WideAngle can help.


What does it do?

The iPad app pulls photos from your Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as photos that you shot separately, and puts them in a single place. In addition to your own photos, it lets you see those of your friends and people you follow. From there, it smartly groups everything based on metadata so that you can sort by date, location, source, etc. You can then pick the ones you like and organise them into sets.


Why do we like it?

This certainly isn't the first tool that compiles photos from different sources into a single location, but this app is simple and has a lot of nice touches like map view that should really be standard in any photo tool.

WideAngle is a free download from the App Store