Yes, There's a Steve Jobs Manga Comic Strip

By Chris Mills on at

We've had the book, the movie, and even the action figure, but for some people, that's not enough mediums to capture the essence of Jobs. No, some people need a manga comic strip to do that.

The comic is said to be an adaptation of Water Isaacson's biography, and is being served up as monthly chunks in Kiss magazine, which isn't a worse version of Heat, but rather a Japanese monthly manga magazine. It's the work of 'noted manga artist' and winner of some manga prizes, Mari Yamazaki. Thankfully, there's a 14-page preview served up on the web right here.

Although the actual words are a mystery to me (and to anyone else who doesn't speak Japanese), there are some things that are clear:

There's an iPhone

Steve does a keynote

Steve gets with some blonde girl whilst giving you the evils.

Go check it out for yourself for the full sordid details. [Yahoo Bookstore via AppleInsider]