Yes Yes Yes. 3D Print Your Own Real-life N64 GoldenEye Remote Mines

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Ask anyone who was an avid gamer in the 1990s what the greatest console game of all time is, and a vast majority will say GoldenEye on the N64. Many of us lost a good chunk of our childhood to the game's fantastic multiplayer mode and its wonderful weaponry, including the dastardly remote mines which you can now enjoy in real life.

Well, kind of. Thingiverse member ComradeQuiche has generously posted the model they created allowing anyone with a 3D printer and a little electrical know-how to create their own N64 GoldenEye remote mine props. They of course don't explode, but they do feature working red LEDs that light up when the centre button is pressed. And if you always preferred proximity mines instead, just swap the red LEDs with green ones. [Thingiverse via Geekologie]