Yoga, Clothes, Recipes, Perfume and Shopping Apps Pre-Loaded for Her Convenience

By Gary Cutlack on at

That's part of the amazing list of features offered by the ePad Femme, an incredibly patronising tablet for women that hides all the complicated things behind a simple user interface -- enabling ladies to enjoy the complicated world of tablet computing for the first time.

Eurostar Group's 8" Android tablet comes with a simplified user interface based around very big and clear icons, ensuring the poor little dear can find what she needs and won't accidentally press the wrong thing and end up lost and confused deep within the advanced Wi-Fi settings menu, where she may press the wrong thing and completely break it.

It is, says the maker, "the first tablet specifically for ladies," although with Android 4.0 underneath and a 1.5GHz processor, it's also something her husband will enjoy tinkering with too, once he's sent her off to bed at the allotted time. [Ars]