You Can Finally Get the 'New' Jawbone Fitness Tracker in the UK

By Chris Mills on at

The original 2011 Jawbone UP was notable for being one of the first fitness trackers, and also notable for sucking unbelievably badly. Nonetheless, Jawbone took the UP and last year released a new, 'improved' version. It's been available in the US for a few months, but now it's finally made its way over the Atlantic. I wonder how many calories that burnt...

The UP is a fitness tracker a la Nike Fuelband or FitBit -- it's a device that you wear on your wrist, and it measures your activity throughout the day, giving you goals to hit and a readout of calories and stuff like that. The original 2011 UP was basically the same, only it leaked, broke, didn't sync, and was generally a gigantic faux-leather pain in the arse. The new, 2012 UP doesn't add many features, it just fixes the 2011 model's loooong list of flaws.

Also of note is that the Jawbone now gets Android compatibility -- though only a slack handful of Android 4.0+ devices have been given the official seal of approval by Jawbone. Still, lack of comprehensive Android compatibility should be the least of your problems if you're actually looking to buy one -- the glaring omission here is Bluetooth. Yeah, you actually have to sync this using a headphone jack, which is entertaining considering it's made by a company that's known for making Bluetooth products and basically nothing else.

If you feel the strange compulsion to buy it over the Fuelband or Fitbit or any other fitness tracker out there, it'll run you £100 from Jawbone when it becomes available next month. [Jawbone via TNW]