Your Phone's Low Battery Warnings Should Look Like These Hilarious Notifications

By Casey Chan on at

Because batteries enjoy dying so much when we really need that last little bit of juice, low battery warnings really should be more animated than the plain "20 per cent of battery remaining". I don't know how many times I've ignored that message. But if the alert made fun of me and said something like, "Oh I'll just charge it tonight" You idiot, then my God I would listen to it so much more.

College Humor came up with a few phrases that a desperate and agressive low battery warning would say to you and I want this on my phone now. Even if this feature took more battery to do, I would reward my phone with an actual charging cable treat as opposed to running the vanilla message dead dead dead. Plus, that stupid 10 per cent warning just has no compassion. The battery is going to die anyway, might as well make me laugh. [College Humor]