50,000 Tonnes of Dubious Meat Recalled by Dutch Authorities

By Gary Cutlack on at

A staggering quantity of suspicious meat has been pulled from the food chain by standards agencies in the Netherlands, with 50,000 tonnes of processed protein earmarked for human consumption recalled.

The worries are not specific, with authorities simply saying the meat's been pulled due to having an "unclear" origin. Some 130 companies in the Netherlands and a further 370 around Europe would have taken the stock, while the UK's Food Standards Agency says some would've made it to UK suppliers.

The one winner in all this might turn out to be... our health. The Guardia1.n quotes Kantar Worldpanel supply data for the four-week period ending March 17th, which says frozen burger sales collapsed by 32 per cent in the wake of the dodgy processed meat scandal. [Guardian]