A 3D Blu-Ray Player Is Your Home-Cinema-Upgrade Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

If you didn't get yourself a 'smart TV' last time you upgraded your gogglebox, now's the chance to get the likes of Lovefilm, Netflix and The Internet pumped on to your screen without forking out for another telly.

From LG, it's a Smart 3D Blu-ray player, that'll give you pin-sharp movie action in 2D or 3D but as it's a Smart player, you can get all those aforementioned services too, with the help of its wi-fi capability. Best of all, it usually retails at around a £100 price point, but you can have it delivered into your outstretched arms for just £59.97. Beautiful.


Today's Bonus Dealz

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- Zoostorm 10" PlayTab Android tablet (1GB RAM, 16GB memory) -- just £119.99.
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- Civilization V Gold (game/all DLC/Gods and Kings expansion, PC) -- yours for £7.50.
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- Intenso Memory Centre 3TB USB 3.0 desktop hard drive -- just £89.99.
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