A Closer Look at Twitter's Wonderful Android Redesign

By Mario Aguilar on at

Twitter just overhauled the look and feel of its Android app from what felt like a clunky afterthought, into something slick and lovely. You can tell immediately that the new design is cleaner and easier to read—but don't let that fool you. There's actually more information in the form of additional tweets.

That's quite an accomplishment. How did they do it? Here's a closer look.

For starters the new design is very similar to the new app that Twitter launched for Windows Phone last month:

The performance of the app is way faster now. Part of that is general improvement in speed, but it's also the long overdue addition of swipe gestures from one page to another. The app also finally (FINALLY) provides you with @name and hashtag suggestions when you're searching or composing tweets.

At the top, Twitter eliminated the the labels on the icons. We don't need those those, we understand what the images for each of those icons mean, so you don't need the clutter they create.

In a departure from standard Android style, Twitter has done away with the standard Android "..." settings button in the bottom right corner. Now, you can only edit your account information from the settings cog on your profile page. Another smart move to reduce clutter.

It's nice to see that Twitter isn't treating its Android app like a second-class citizen any more. [Google Play]