A Modular, Fully Customisable Wine Rack For Every Type of Drinker

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Regardless of whether you're a sommelier-hopeful or simply a diligent lush, you're going to need a wine rack to match your distinct, personal tastes and—er, volume. This is exactly what makes the completely customisable and optionally mountable Nucleus wine rack from Thijs Goossink so fantastic.

Constructed of high-grade, scratch-proof anodised aluminium, the beautifully minimalist holders come in three different colours  satin, blue, and orange. Rivets along the side offer a sturdy grip as you slide one module into another, allowing you to effortlessly stack up or down to create the wine display of your dreams. Whether or not bottles stay around long enough to put it work, of course, will also remain entirely up to you. [Esthys via Appliancist]

A Modular, Fully Customizable Wine Rack For Every Type of Drinker