A Pick Master Plectrum Punch is Your Make-a-Pick-Out-of-Everything Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

We all know that Lord Sir Alan Sugar started his empire aged 16 with a van and a load of stuff to sell out of the back of it. But what if you fancied doing the same, and you didn’t have a van and only had £10.71 to your name?

Simple – you’d start up your own plectrum empire wouldn’t you? Oh yes. Just invest said £10.71 in a Pick Master plectrum punch and off you go. You’ll need some raw materials to make the plectrums with but hell, you can rifle through some industrial bins or a plastic recycling skip for that. Then start knocking on doors, offering to sell customised plectrums to the keen guitarists therein. And sit back and wait for your billions to roll in…


Today's Bonus Dealz

Philips 46" full HD 1080P LED TV – yours for £369.00
Day trip to Calais including bottle of wine - from £1.00 or £17.00 for 4 people
Apple iPad 4 (16GB, re-certified, new condition) – just £329.99
Return flights to Las Vegas (tomorrow!) – only £325.00
Die Hard Quadrilogy (Blu-ray) – just £9.95
- Microsoft Xbox 360 wired controller – only £16.98
- Seven nights in Malta including flights, hotel and rental car – yours for £158.00
- Wreck It Ralph (20/4) - just £1.50
- PS3 500GB limited edition azurite blue super slim console – just £199.85
Seagate 3TB Expansion USB 3.0 3.5 inch hard drive -- £89.99 delivered.

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