A Wicker Coffin Is Today's Personal Wicker Man Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Today, we’re thinking about the future, specifically a future that we hope will be very very far away. Namely the bit in the future when we die.

Just because we’ll have popped our clogs and carked it, it doesn’t mean that we won’t have an eye for a bargain. That’s why we’re scraping together all our loose change and forking out for a ‘premium wicker coffin’ for our corpse to be dumped in once we’ve breathed our last. Usually £380, it’s just £155 right now -- perfect if you want to die with a smile on your face.


Today's Bonus Dealz

- Assassin's Creed Anthology (Xbox 360) – just £47.94.
- Spec Ops: The Line and The Darkness II Bundle (PC) – only £2.66.
- Borderlands 2 & XCOM: Enemy Unknown Bundle (PC) – yours for £17.45.
- Assassin’s Creed 3 (Xbox 360/PS3) – only £14.99.
- Hitachi-LG CT30F 6X Blu-ray Combo 3D Player BD-ROM DVD RW Slim SATA Drive – only £17.99.
- Sony Optiarc USB 2.0 external 3D full HD Blu-ray writer – just £39.99.

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