Anonymous to Save World from Nuclear Apocalypse by Attacking North Korea

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some, one, or all of the members of the Anonymous hacking collective have launched an astonishing new offensive, demanding North Korea gives up its nuclear weapons programme and grants its people full internet access, or face the wrath of the angry nerds as part of Operation Free Korea.

The claim, published in full on, sees Anonymous demand current leader Kim Jong-un resigns, which is a bit unlikely, says North Korea should "install a free direct democracy" and open up "uncensored internet access" for all the people. None of things are going to happen because some men on the internet have asked not very politely, so Anonymous is definitely going to have its bluff called on this one.

Anonynmous says it has 15,000 user names and passwords from North Korean web site to use in aid of any future cyber-war, although exactly what use they'll be against a fleet of 20,000 hovercraft we're not really sure. [TNW]