AOL Music Is Dead

By Mario Aguilar on at

AOL is P45-ing editorial employees at its news sites and shutting down many but not all of the brands associated with the vertical. There has been no official statement from AOL master control, but the dismissed staff of its music wing are breaking the news to the Internet.

Amongst the sites getting the axe are some old-school sites like Spinner, which was online for years before AOL acquired it in 1999. In fact as AOL Radio's Twitter announced, AOL Music The Boot, Noise Creep, and The Boombox are all shutting down.

But of course, you're not going to shut up a bunch of writers, especially when they take to Twitter to broadcast their sadness.

Here's Sarah Chazan, Editor-in-Chief of all of AOL Music.

Here are Spinner's editors breaking it down.

Carlos Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief of didn't advertise, but he grateful accepted the invitation to holler at others for new work.

Oh and his site, as we know, is dead.

And as for AOL Radio, which broke the news about it's fallen comrades, it gets to keep on chugging.

Still, while it seems like most of the top employees at AOL music are gone, the bloodbath leaves a few AOL Music brands unaccounted for. There's no word on what might happen to Winamp, which was broken off into a separate entity a few years ago. Sad day for music writing online. Power to all the writers who are going home without a job tonight.