ASA: No T-Mobile, Your "Unlimited" Data Isn't Actually Unlimited

By Sam Gibbs on at

The advertising watchdog has just given EE's budget arm, T-Mobile, a big slap across the chops over its claim of "unlimited" data on its Full Monty plans. According to the ASA, it's not actually unlimited because T-Mobile employs traffic management, which makes it, err, limited.

Apparently the ASA took offence to the traffic shaping that targets p2p in particular, which slows it all down between 8am and 2am, giving you just six hours of unrestricted access in the middle of the night.

What makes it more interesting, though, as the Inquirer points out, is that the ASA didn't make a song and dance about the fact that T-Mobile specifically caps download and upload speeds to 4Mbps down and 1Mbps up. If nothing else, surely that's a limitation that shouldn't be classified as unlimited?

Anyway, T-Mobile can no longer advertise the Full Monty plan with 'unlimited data' as it's not actually unlimited. Sounds fair to me. [ASA via The Inquirer]

Image credit: Judgement from Shutterstock

Update: T-Mobile got in contact with a reply to the ASA's ruling:

"We are pleased that the ASA has ruled that the majority of our traffic management policies are compliant with the CAP Codes. However, we will take on board the ASA's findings on peer to peer file sharing and make the necessary changes to our network traffic management."

"Our customers should rest assured that the speeds available to them on our Full Monty plans are sufficient for all devices and users -- including data downloaders with the latest smartphones, and data services such as video streaming, social networking, browsing, emailing, and music downloading."