BBC and Sony Providing Wimbledon 2013 Gusset Shots at 4K Resolution

By Gary Cutlack on at

You'll be able to scrutinise Andy Murray's face for signs of emotion better than ever this summer, thanks to Sony and the BBC coming together to film and broadcast some test matches at the stonkingly high 4K resolution.

According to sources quoted by Techradar, Sony's sending a van and the necessary Ultra HD camera required to capture 4K footage to SW London, which the BBC will direct and use to record matches in the new format. Presumably some will then be broadcast over the air for early-adopting 4K set owners to enjoy.

It won't have quite the same impressive, like-looking-through-a-window appearance as theĀ niche public 8K demonstrations that sprung up around the Olympics last year, but at least this one will be right there in your lounge. [Techradar]

Image credit: Wimbledon from Shutterstock