BlackBerry Q10 Priced at £579 SIM-Free

By Gary Cutlack on at

BlackBerry's either extremely confident about its forthcoming Q10's chances of success or desperate to pull in any money while it can, with the new QWERTY BB10 model now up for pre-order in the UK at the astonishing price of £579. That's a super-high price usually reserved  for established smartphone kings Samsung and Apple. An audacious move by BlackBerry, or commercial death-wish madness?

If that's too much for a BB10 QWERTY there might be a cheaper way coming soon. Leaked images today show an alleged entry level BB10 device, which is a supposed R-series model that offers traditional BlackBerry buttons on a smaller, cheaper chassis. That's in line with Thorsten Heins' promise of more affordable BB10 models for later in 2013. [Carphone Warehouse]