Blag Yourself Six Months of Free Microsoft Office With This Quick Hack

By Sam Gibbs on at

Microsoft's Office suite is a necessary evil for many of us. While we'd love to say we never need Word, PowerPoint, or sodding Excel, chances are you do, and quite often. Now a handy little hack lets you bag Office 365 free for a whole six months.

It's a little known trick that's worked for many a version of Office and still works to this day, according to How-To Geek. All you have to do is download the free trial, and then 'rearm' it a total of five times, which gives you 180 days free usage in total. If you're keeping on top of your Windows maintenance, you probably need to wipe that sucker every six months anyway.

While there are tools to do it for you, it's actually pretty straightforward to do it yourself, as How-To Geek explains:

Fire up Explorer and delve into the 'Microsoft Shared' folder under 'Common Files' within the 'Program Files' folder.

Find yourself the folder cunningly called ' OfficeSoftwareProtectionPlatform', right-click and select 'Open command window here'.

Paste 'OSPPREARM.EXE' in there, hit enter, and job's a goodun.

Simple really. Of course, this'll only work on Windows, and you must do it before you trail runs out each month, so make sure you do it on the 30th day. A bit of a faff, but if you absolutely have to use Microsoft Office for a bit, and are loathed to pay for it unless you absolutely have to, this'll get you enough free usage to get the job done, hopefully. [How-To Geek via LifeHacker]