Bug- "Fixing" SimCity Update Bursts Your City's Poop-Pipes

By Gary Cutlack on at

As if SimCity players haven't had enough of putting up with EA's always-on DRM nightmare of a game, there's now a new form of excrement to deal with thanks to a bug that breaks the city's sewers and introduces many more problems than it's supposed to fix.

The recently released 2.0 update patch was supposed to go some way towards mending the numerous problems users have reported with the simulation, but players are now finding sewage overloads ruining relatively small towns, accompanied by some incompatibilities that stop pre-patch cities loading after the update has been applied, sound bugs, traffic issues and more.

There's a big list of angry-user-generated whinges about the patch up on Reddit, with users complaining about... pretty much everything being half-broken in EA's disastrous Pyongyang simulator. [CVG]