Buy Anything With an Internet Connection and Get Free Broadband For Six Months

By Sam Gibbs on at

Did you know John Lewis did broadband? No, neither did the rest of the planet. And that's why if you buy anything with an internet connection -- be it a printer, tablet or laptop -- the department store will gift you six-whole-months of free broadband.

It's just a stunt to get you into the store and buy its stuff, as well as promote its new broadband service, of course, but six months of free broadband might actually be worth grabbing. Mind you, there is a 12-month contract involved, and you still have to pay for a phone line, but the internet is technically free for six-months.

Interestingly, it seems John Lewis might get into selling phones soon too, taking on the likes of Carphone Warehouse and Phones4u. Whether you'd actually buy a phone from a department store, I don't know. But you might get a free five-year warranty with it, so it might be worth a punt?

Anyway, let's just hope broadband from John Lewis is better than TalkTalk, because otherwise maybe it's totally not worth getting, even if it is 'free'. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Broadband from Shutterstock